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Home>> How to become a Model?
How to become a Model

WOW!!! So much $$$ to get started??
People ask me about this so here it is! "How to save money". It takes very little time and money to find out if you have what it takes. It takes time and money to get started! First of all avoid all scams.

Make a commitment to yourself to keep the same look for a year. If you change your hair color (by the way your hair color should be natural), length or style (preferable length is : shoulder length), loose weight etc... your portfolio will not be up to date. You will need new pictures and that can get costly.

Searching for an agency/coordinator: If you intend to send pictures and introduction letters to agencies, mail the information only to reputed and well known agencies / coordinators in the area where you want to work in and where you can easily travel to (on short notice). Also keep in mind that only One agency / coordinator should represent you.

Before you spend a fortune on a portfolio, decide if you want to go international or work local. Local work will not require a fancy portfolio. If you want to work in international/national markets you will need a top quality portfolio or you will get turned down real quick. Only work with the best photographers of repute.

When you go to the Photo Shoot make sure you know at least 36 poses. Practice. Look at magazines and practice the poses. Not all photographers take the time to help new models with posing. If you are not ready, the shoot will have poor results. At the end of the shoot thank every one involved and let the photographer know that he / she can count on you if he / she needs someone to work on future projects.

Some photographers are more picky then others. Some will simply turn you down because they believe you can't make it as a model? Some will refuse to take pictures unless they have their usual makeup, hair, and wardrobe stylist. That is not bad but not cheap! Most will do a minimum of 3 rolls of film and will refuse to do only one. There is all kind of photographers, students, part time, professionals etc. All can be good or bad. Students often do shoots with aspiring models for free , they exchange the model's time for photos. Part time photographers don't make a living at this, they have great interest in it and are usually building up the equipment and the portfolio. They do that by offering photo shoots at cheaper rates, trade time for pictures or do the shoot at cost! And then there is the professional with all the equipment and years of experience, they might give you a break but don't count on it(don't forget they make a living at this). Also keep in mind that when you gain the experience and start getting more work, you will need the Highest Quality prints to represent you. You might find it to your advantage to get started with the help of the professional photographers but make an informed decision. What matters from any photographers is how he/she meet your objectives of providing great prints.

Where to find people willing to help you?
Try your community college, check the newspaper, check the online modeling forum and the news group alt.models on the internet. Is there a photo club in your area?

Model's Safety: Be always careful when meeting these people, bring a friend and use your judgment. Meet in public places first. When going to the photo shoot, call a friend and let him/her know where you are, how much time the photo shoot will take and what the phone # is. Call your friend back at the end of the session, or have them call you at a certain time, near the end of the photo session. There are a lot of people who are Honest and looking to help you. Unfortunately this industry as seen many scams and it's the good people (both model and photographer) that suffer from all this. It's hard to trust people but by being careful you can benefit greatly. A legit photographer will be understanding of the above safety measures and will have no problem ensuring your safety. It could be a good subject of conversation on the first contact.

Learn makeup skills and get to know how to style your hair in different ways. Clothes at many stores can be purchased and later returned, make sure you can return them and get what you want for the shoot! Put tape underneath new shoes, so you don't scratch the bottom, you will be able to return them too after the shoot! Clothes if they don't fit or are not flattering enough can be changed quickly by using cloth pins (try paper clamps!). Use them in the back of your dress, it will make it snug (in some case you look like you lost 15 pounds instantly) It's also good at making skirts shorter.

Ok so you have your agency, your portfolio and your comp cards. What happens next?
Well modeling is like a business, you need to pay rent and advertise, that's the commission you pay the agency / coordinator for promoting you and finding work for you . Your investment is your portfolio. You have been sitting around the house for a few weeks now waiting for a call? You finally get one! It's a "go see". Your agency/coordinator called you, usually on a short notice you have to meet the client. You bring your portfolio, it's like a resume for a job. They look at you and your book. You give them a comp card (like a business card) so they can remember you when you leave. You later find out if you get the job or not. If you get the job, the agency charges the client, then keeps a commission and pays you. After the job is done you might get pictures from the session. That is the best thing to have in your portfolio(referred to as tear sheets). And then the cycle repeats itself. On the job show your great personality, this is what will get you repeat business! Also keep in touch with your agency/coordinator, visit them once in a while to show interest.

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