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Participation Rules

Each contestant can download the form or print it from this location, can fills in her/his Application Form on thier own, free of charge, without any preliminary or extra fees and send it to us at following address:

The Contest Administration will send an Invitation to the e-mail address provided by the Contestant in the form

The contestant will receive an e-mail confirmation at the address they have provided in thier Application Form. The confirmation contains the date of acceptance of the Contestant's Application, her private ID, login, the password, and the sender's details. When the e-mail message is received, the contestant should click on the hyperlink (blue and underlined) in the message, thereby confirming its receipt.

Note: Your Application will only be submitted after you have clicked on the hyperlink. The Confirmation should be preserved reliably and confidentially because you will need you login and your password for reviewing your statistics in the Contest Website.

The Application Form is constructed as a questionnaire with the size of 1 MB where the Contestant enters all the necessary information about themself. They are also obliged to attach up to seven of her JPEG-formatted photographs of maximum 20 KB each. In addition, the Contestant may optionally enter any other information about herself in the respective textbox, except her postal address, telephone, full name, or any insulting remarks of profanities.

Note: You may also attach any additional related materials you deem important. The terms and conditions for attaching additional materials are specified in the Application.

In is CATEGORICALLY FORBIDDEN for the contestants to submit

pornographic video or photo materials;
any depictions of violence or use of drugs;
advertising materials unrelated to the Contestant.

The Contestant has a justify

to authorize in writing the Contest Administration to give her address details to third parties for effecting commercial projects which may result from her participation in the Contest;

to enjoy unrestricted access to her personal webpage to review the information regarding the number of votes her favor.

The contestant will enjoy unlimited access to her questionnaire and statistics throughout the Contest, including the reading of her "hit counter" on the banners in her personal webpage. The statistics include the number of bets, their amounts, and the sum of her bonuses.

At her discretion, the contestant is free to indicate her agreement or disagreement to have her actual name displayed in her questionnaire.

Any confidential information, such as the Contestant's name, her addresses, telephone number, as well as her statistics can only be given to a third party with the Contestant's written consent in each specific case.

If any contestant fails to comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Contest, the Contest Administration has an indisputable justify to deny any repayments to her on the prizes and bonuses she has collected.

The Contest Administration is obliged repay the prizes and bonuses within 30 calendar days after the results of each monthly stage of the Contest have been evaluated. The Administration has a justify to refuse a Contestant her prizes and/or bonuses if it becomes evident that the Contestant deliberately provided any distorted information about herself.

Payments are made by wire transfers to the winners' bank accounts or by cheques sent to the addresses specified in the Contestants' Application Forms. The winners are liable to paying all due taxes on their prizes according to the legislation of the countries to which the prize amounts are sent.

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