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Home>> Online Grooming >> Wake up to right Make-Up >> Steps for Dark Skin
Steps for

Today, there are an increasing number of products specially formulated for dark skins. Dark skins either have a reddish or a yellowish tone. It is important to find the right base to even out the skin tone.

Just as it is a must to use a concealer foundation and face powder for fair skin, so it is for dark skins. Use your concealer before the foundation and choose your foundation in the shades of light, medium and dark to match the skin tone. Keep the application of powder light, dark skins can turn greyish with too much of powder.

Blusher : Choose a type that is non-greasy, creamy blusher or a gel. Avoid powder blusher especially if you have undue oiliness as oily skins absorb powder make-up to a greater degree.

Highlighter : Can be very effective on dark skins when used on the bridge of the nose, around the eye area, above the cheek bones and just above the upper lip.

Eye shadow : As there is less contrast for colour, dark skins can carry bright vivid colours well. For evenings gold/copper look very good. Black/brown/navy blue eye pencil and kohl is best suited.

Lipsticks : Dark skins look exotic with bright punchy flames and fuchsias and bright reds.

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