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Home>> Online Grooming >> Wake up to right Make-Up >> Steps to Perfect Eye Make-Up
Steps to Perfect Eye Make-Up

Your eyes are the most expressive feature of your face. They have the power of implying emotion without the rest of your face even twitching a muscle. Eye shadows are obviously the most prominent cosmetic in your make-up kit. Some shades though flatter more than the others.

BROWNS are gentle enough to suit all eye colours. They intensify pale eyes by sheer contrast and make brown eyes look richer.

OLIVE TONES can give a very natural warmth for an outdoor look. Use a low key pearl or matte for daytime. A little pearl highlighter brightens and makes all the difference any time.

Eye Pencils
Should be thin, matte and come in a variety of browns. It is often a good idea to use more than one shade for textured natural looking brow work. Keep the sharpened pencils in a cool place.

Eye Liners
Cake type, which is more versatile, is the best as it allows you to mix up your own consistency with water depending on how strong you want your colour to be. Definite dark outlining of eyes is no longer in fashion.

Firm, slow sweeps are the key to well coated lashes and unscathed surrounding lids.

Make sure your brush is evenly coated with mascara with no gluts or clogs.

Look down into your mirror and firmly brush the top side of your upper lashes.

Separate clogged lashes with a clean dry mascara brush.

Looking upward into the mirror, coat your lower lashes with the mascara wand stroking across them outwards, then inwards.

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